Build and deploy employee-facing Node.js apps in seconds

Build tools for your team and control exactly who gets access.
From simple database-export-scripts to sophisticated SPAs.

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Step 1: Create your app
Simply enter a name and click a button. 1 second later, a "hello world" app is already running in your Supertools instance.
Step 2: Write your code
Clone the git-repo for the application you just created, make your changes and use git push to deploy the finished app to your team.
Step 3: Configure users
After your internal app is live, choose which of your team mates get access to it. They can now access your app in their browser!

Supertools is the private application platform that you don't have time to build:

Create and deploy Node.js apps in seconds

Granular access control per team member, per app

Fully managed, no servers to deal with (optional)

1-click sign-in for your Slack team, no extra accounts!

Concerned about data security?
Email us for on-premise and self-hosted solutions!

How it works:

Employees see all internal apps they have access to in one place.

Each app runs in a private cloud. Authorized team mates access it over a proxy to ensure secure & authenticated access.

Create and deploy apps in 5 seconds:

module.exports = express();

Apps on Supertools are Express applications

$ yarn dev

Develop locally

$ git push

Deploy with git push


Secure secrets management included

Save engineering time and money

Save development time and costs

Building a robust access control system for internal apps is no easy feat. It can easily keep even an experienced developer busy for 2 months.
Save 8,000€
If one engineer costs your company just 4,000€ per month

Save monthly maintenance costs

Engineering time spent on maintaining your own access control system as well as the internal apps that integrate with it, comes down to at least 2 days per month.
Save 400€/month
If one engineer costs your company just 4,000€ per month
On average, Supertools saves companies 12,800€ in the first year.

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We'll get back to you within 24 hours. Your data is safe and will never be shared with others.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to integrate my apps with Supertools somehow?

No. Supertools makes no assumptions about your app. There's no wiring or boilerplate necessary. Just export an Express instance and you're good to go!

Can I deploy apps that use private npm packages?

Yes. There's a setting in the preferences of your Supertools account.

Which frameworks does Supertools support?

You can use any client-side framework you want. Just setup a build step with something like Webpack or Parcel and use React, Angular or any other framework of your choice. Build steps are optional and not required but every app must export an Express-app.

Do I get SSH access to my team's Supertools servers?

In order to keep our systems secure and maintainable, we don't allow you to get direct SSH access to the servers of your Supertools instance. If you have special system requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll work something out.

Does Supertools support PHP, Go or other languages apart from Node.js?

We're currently concentrating on making the developer experience for Node.js as good as possible, but we would like to support many languages and runtimes in the future.

Are my apps and data safe on the Supertools servers?

Yes. Security of our users' sensitive data and applications is a top priority for Supertools. Read the documentation to learn how Supertools keeps your team's internal apps safe.

Can I try Supertools before I buy?

Sure! Please contact us and we'll set you up with a trial account.